Dave And Melissa McCrery

Founders Of The Power Couple Hub, Authors Of The C-Level Marriage

About Dave And Melissa

Dave and Melissa McCrery, acclaimed authors of The C-Level Marriage and founders of The Power Couple Hub, help guide couples in balancing their personal and professional worlds. Their methods leverage marital potential to fuel mission-building. Supported by international leaders across business, spirituality, and politics, the couple is celebrated for their impact on thousands of individuals over the last 15 years. They specialize in equipping couples with the skills to harmonize personal and professional growth with a thriving marital life. The McCrerys’ pioneering methods harness the power of synergy and convert oppositional differences into dynamic strengths, empowering couples to flourish together in every aspect of their lives.

Dave and Melissa McCrery are on a mission to help one million couples learn how to integrate their marriage and mission to increase their impact, influence, and income by 2028.



“If you are a Christian couple that leans toward entrepreneurship, joining The Power Couple Hub is an absolute MUST. While it is easy to find dozens (if not hundreds) of programs for people in broken or failing marriages, there is a distinct deficit of places where healthy Christian couples can go to learn how to complement each other’s strengths instead of simply cheering each other on from the sidelines. What Dave and Melissa have created with The Power Couple Hub is so different from anything else we have seen. Their coaching is designed to take you from good to great and unlock the hidden potential in each couple. If you have always felt like there should be more to your marriage and you want to know how to tap into all that God has for you, I highly recommend PCH and the McCrerys’ coaching.”


“As entrepreneurs managing both virtual and brick-and-mortar businesses, achieving balance was a challenge until Dave and Melissa’s program revolutionized our communication, synergy, and the way we utilize our strengths as a couple. Their mentorship transitioned us from working independently to becoming a cohesive, synergistic unit, leading to comprehensive growth in our personal relationships and business ventures. This experience has heightened our appreciation for the strength of community collaboration, showing us the superior impact of joint couple endeavors over individual efforts. We wholeheartedly endorse their program for couples seeking to enhance their life and business, ensuring sustainable growth and creating a lasting legacy.”


“Dave and Melissa are masterful teachers. I learn so easily from each of them. They truly understand how to break down complex topics. I also know how much Dave and Melissa care about the people they are leading, teaching, coaching, or mentoring. Their hearts for people shine through in everything they do. It’s always an honor to be in their presence and under their teaching.”


“Working with Melissa over the years has truly been transformative for me. She spoke truths to me that radically challenged and changed the way I viewed myself, my role in the world around me, my finances, my marriage, and my legacy. I highly recommend hiring Melissa and Dave to help you build the impact you desire. They are proof that good can come from any adversity, no matter what it is.”

Speaking Topic

Unifying Love And Leadership: Leveraging Marital Synergy To Maximize Your Mission

Couples often struggle to harmonize their professional ambitions and their marital intimacy. In their talk, Dave and Melissa McCrery reveal the secrets to successfully managing both personal and professional domains. They share tactics to strengthen the connection between love and leadership, enabling couples to combine their marriage and mission. Attendees will discover how to discover their co-mission, integrate their love life and professional adventure, and create a synergy of strengths, smoothly overcoming obstacles and celebrating achievements together.

Achieve More With Your Spouse In Business And Life

For over 15 years, Dave and Melissa McCrery have been helping thousands of couples harmonize their business and romance while working as a team. Their vision is to empower one million couples to blend their marriage and mission to boost their impact, influence, and income by 2028.

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